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A history of the Texas coast told through the bird species that inhabit it.

Final Cover copy.jpg

Most of the beauty of this cover derives from the illustration drawn by Linda M. Feltner, a talented nature and wildlife illustrator. My strongest contribution is the typeface selection. The typeface on the cover - and in the interior - is Cormorant Garamond. Designed by Christian Thalmann of Catharsis Fonts, Cormorant Garamond is a refined, modern iteration of the Garamond heritage that is meant to suit both large-scale and small-scale usage. The name drew me to this typeface and fits perfectly with the theme of this book. As an additional bonus, the default heart in this typeface is a glyph of a small cormorant that the author was more than happy to find used as ornamentation in the book. 

For this title I designed the full jacket and interior (with the help of Linda's illustrations) as well as marketing materials including a postcard and a web banner in both desktop and mobile sizes. 

haven jacket.jpg
A Haven in the Sun Postcard_Page_1.jpg
A Haven in the Sun Postcard_Page_2.jpg
Long Placards8.jpg
Long Placards7.jpg
Artboard 17all.jpg
Artboard 17 copyall.jpg
Artboard 17 copy 2all.jpg
Artboard 17 copy 3all.jpg
Artboard 17 copy 4all.jpg
Artboard 17 copy 5all.jpg
Artboard 17 copy 6all.jpg
Artboard 17 copy 7all.jpg
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