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Help Indians Help Themselves Final.jpg

“Help Indians Help Themselves” is a critical collection of primary documents written by Bonnin and expands the published work of Zitkala-Ša, adding insight to a life of writing and political activism on behalf of American Indians in the early twentieth century.

I laid out this cover in a way to keep the focus on the image of Gertrude and keep the text secondary. The cover typeface, Amrys designed by Ben Jones, was chosen becauseI wanted something reminiscent of older typography, something ancient like the history of Native Americans, but I didn’t want anything too cliché or stereotyped. This typeface suggests a little bit of chiseling and is somewhere between a serif and sans-serif which fits well with this book that is somewhere between this ancient culture of Native Americans and the modern activism Gertrude was engaged in. 

For this title I designed the full jacket and interior. 

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