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Rain in Our Hearts takes readers into Alpha Company, 4/31, 196th LIB, Americal Division in 1969–1970. Jim Logue, a professional photographer, was drafted and served as an infantryman; he also carried a camera. Accompanying Logue’s photographs is the narrative written by Gary Ford. Wanting to reconstruct the story of Alpha Company during the time in which Logue served, Ford and Logue trekked across America to meet with and interview every surviving member whom they could locate and contact.

Because this books is about so many different people it was important to me to keep some anonymity and not put make anyone in particular the focus of the cover. This photo was one of the only options that didn't have anyone facing the camera. I also liked that it had two people, as it's reminiscent of the the two authors. The typeface used on this cover is a classic: Helvetica. Helvetica was very popular during the Vietnam war and was used on many posters and other things relating to the war. Some say that because it was used by corporations and the government it was the typeface of "the man" or fascism. While it was used by the government and corporations, it was also utilized in the protest of the war. Clearly it was popular at this time, and for good reason. Its modernity and clarity are a welcome addition to this cover.

For this title I've designed the cover and some marketing materials, including a postcard and web banner sized for mobile and desktop, as well as the full jacket and interior.

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