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As Texas approaches the daunting challenge of conserving its wildlife, Texas Natural History in the 21st Century serves as a rallying cry for addressing the scenarios imperiling Texas’s natural history in our present day and in the future. A second edition of Texas Natural History: A Century of Change (2002), Texas Natural History in the 21st Century includes a reprinting of Vernon Bailey’s 1905 “The Biological Survey of Texas” along with new annotations and updates. The authors discuss changes in landscapes, land use, and the status of Texas mammals in the last hundred years. 

This cover features a lovely illustration by Linda M. Feltner, a very talented nature and wildlife illustrator who also illustrated the cover for A Haven in the Sun. The typeface for this cover is Geographica by Three Islands Press. This was chosen because Three Islands Press is a native Texan and also because it was designed based on maps and scientific papers. Albeit the inspiration seems to be older than even the 1905 survey in the book, the content is still heavily focused on maps and scientific knowledge and this makes it related. This typeface fit well because it's crisp and classic, which speaks to the age and traditional nature of the content, but it also has a softness and a character to it, just like the state of Texas. 

For this title I have so far designed the cover, a postcard, and a web banner. 

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