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A scandalous love story told via email. 

Group 10 copy.png
Group 8 copy 5.png
Group 8 copy.png
Group 8 copy 6.png

This cover needed to show two things: romance and technology. The final cover ended up with a sort of romance "app" including a notification. I'd be lying if I said it was my favorite option I created, however. Through two rounds, six other options were created, shown below. The first three included a keyboard concept, an early version of the app concept, and some pixelated lips. The lips were particularly interesting to me, as the characters exchange photos over email. The second round was based on the author requesting lips, but drawn, and options that included a handwritten font. To keep the technology concept, one option has the lips on a computer screen and the other two include a pixelated font. 

For this title I've designed only the cover. 

Group 1 copy.png
Group 8 copy 4.png
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