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Winning 42 is both a how to and a history of the National Game of Texas: 42. Veterens and beginners alike can find challenges and clear instructions in this book that covers it all and allows players to advance at their own pace. 

Because this is a 5th edition the cover was redesigned based on the 4th edition, shown below. While the cover for the 4th edition focused on the layout of a domino and a snapshot of the game, the cover for the 5th edition has a pop of color and a splay of dominos that fans of the game will recognize as the most influential ones to win. 


For this title I redesigned a full jacket based on the previous edition and also designed marketing materials including a postcard and a web banner (sized for mobile and desktop.) The interior was merely updated and not redesigned by me.  

Final Jacket.jpg

The full cover for the 4th edition, which inspired the design for the 5th edition, shown above.

winning 42 Postcard_Page_1.jpg
winning 42 Postcard_Page_2.jpg
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