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Broadening and deepening our understanding of sport and community. 

Latinos and Latinas.jpg

For this cover I wanted to do something that was fun and colorful, but also related in some way to Latin culture. These hanging decorations, papel picados, were something that I found related to Latin celebration. I made them sport specific to match this particular title.  I've included below a cover that was not chosen but also is something that relates to Latin culture: a Mexican blanket with sports imagery "sewn" into it.


The typeface on the final cover is Van Condensed Pro Bold and was chosen because it was designed by someone Latin - Ricardo Santos, who is Portuguese. 

The interior typeface is Athleas, which is also designed by someone Latin  - Veronika Burian and Jose Scaglione. 

For this title I designed the front ocver, full cover, and interior. Also included here is a cover that was not chosen. 

An unchosen cover featuring a Mexican blanket with sports imagery. While this typeface doesn't have any direct Latin connections, I thought it fit well with this concept because it was bold but also a little bit textured. 

Latinos and Latinas Jacket copy.jpg
Artboard 19all.jpg
Artboard 19 copy 3all.jpg
Artboard 19 copy 4all.jpg
Artboard 19 copy 5all.jpg
Artboard 19 copy 6all.jpg
Artboard 19 copy 7all.jpg
Artboard 19 copy 8all.jpg
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