Voice in the American West is a book series published by Texas Tech University Press focusing on publishing a diverse array of voices in the American West. A mic seemed the most fitting symbol for "voice," and in an unchosen option a cactus was used to help represent the American West. 

Desert Humanities is a book series published by Texas Tech University Press dedicated to expanding ideas of desert areas across disciplines. In the chosen logo a hand represents humanity while a landscape on the palm shows the desert. In the unselected logo a cactus represents the desert while a humanoid head represents humanity. 

This year, 2021, is the 50th anniversary for Texas Tech University Press. A special anniversary logo was in order. While I did not design the original logo, shown below, I did combine it with "50" and include the year it was established. 

The Walt McDonald First-Book Prize in Poetry is awarded every year by Texas Tech University Press to one poet, who then gets their poems published. A quill and ink, a classic symbol for poetry, was the most fitting option. 

Politics of the Modern Southwest is a series by Texas Tech University Press exploring the regional dynamics of politics in the Southwest. A courthouse  is a clearly political symbol, as is a cactus to represent the west.