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An epistolary memoir ruminating on Jewish identity, heroism, history, and inspiration.

Love Norm UPDATED.jpg

What better way to combine letters and a pilot than a paper airplane, soaring through the words? The handwritten and typewriter fonts capture two very visual options for imagining the letters in this memoir. 

For this title I have designed the cover, full jacket including the case, full interior, a postcard, and web banners.


This book was printed as a jacketed case, meaning instead of the book being wrapped in cloth, it was wrapped in a customizable, printed paper. When books are wrapped in cloth I'm only able to put things on the spine due to the high cost of foil stamping, but because this was a jacketed case I could design the back and front as well as the spine. For this case I reversed the color of the handwriting texture on the cover to create an interesting inversion. 

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love norm.jpg
love norm.jpg
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