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A spiraling exploration of Apache life, mythology, and identity.

On Becoming Apache.jpg

This title has 3 different speakers and is non-traditional in its storytelling, so I wanted the cover to be representative of that. The circular text layout was chosen for this reason, as well as the fact that the narrative is very circular. Also, circles are often used as symbols for the cyclical nature of life experiences in Native American cultures.


The background photo of this cover was chosen because mountains are culturally important to the Apache people and because within the story there is a central scene that involves a mountain dance.

For this title I designed the front cover, full cover, full interior, a postcard, and a web banners. I also designed a logo for the series this book is in. The logo, a close runner-up to the final logo, and a cover option that didn't make the cut are included below.

On Becoming Apache Final Jacket.jpg

A cover that was not chosen as the final design. This cover shows the three different speakers more literally while keeping several of the elements present in the final design.

Two logo options for the Voice in the American West series, of which this title is a part. There was no existing logo for this series so I created one when this book came along. The top features the combination of a cactus and a microphone, while the bottom (and chosen) option incorporates a microphone in the title.

On Becoming Apache Postcard_Page_1.jpg
On Becoming Apache Postcard_Page_2.jpg
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Long Placards5.jpg
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Artboard 17 copyall.jpg
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Artboard 17 copy 6all.jpg
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