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A collection of short stories surrounding queer men of various ages trying to temper their expectations of the world with their lived experience.


Because the titular story in this short story collection revolves around the Garden of Eden, paintings of the Bible story were a hefty source of inspiration and material. The chosen painting is by Charles Joseph Natoire, done in 1740. The collection focuses on many different queer men, so it was requested to leave the body more anonymous while keeping the Eden motif clear. I was excited to have an obvious reason to mess around with the type interacting with edges, both of the image and the cover itself. 

For this title I have so far designed the cover, a postcard, and web banners. I have also included two covers that were not chosen. 

Unchosen covers

Pages from All 2022 Postcards_Page_4.jpg
Paradise Mobile.jpg
Paradise copy.jpg
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